Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)


Perfectneeds gives your business the opportunity to bring together the internal and external data flow of your company into a single, comprehensive system environment and therefore, make the company run more professionally. Through the ERP system, we make it possible for you to increase the performance efficiency of your company by controlling and monitoring the work of the different departments. As well as; through Enterprise Resource Planning system, you will be decrease the operational costs, which will improve the company’s profitability. Because we care for you, the business owner, we will give you the power to be the only one who decides how much access anyone of the compat employees can have to the ERP system. With this decision, we will make sure that the data of your company is encrypted and secured. In addition, giving company managers access to the ERP system, we will make it much easier and more efficient for them to make more accurate forecasts. Another benefit we will give your company is the collaboration you will get when all departments are connected. This way each department will do their work and no work will be repeated twice. Through this system we will also make reporting easier; as well as, we will make it possible for you to have access to the ERP system wherever you go. This means that you can monitor all the work from anywhere, like your home computer, office, mobile, etc. …In addition to all of this, Perfectneeds will make sure to structure and tailor the Enterprise Resource Planning system the way that fits and benefits your business the most.


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Why choose Perfectneeds?

  • We started as ERP developers only, so you can imagine how much experience we have in this field

  • We tailor our Enterprise Resource Planning system on your business needs

  • We deliver our projects on time

  • We are hard workers

  • We enjoy creating ERP systems

  • Maintenance is for free for the first year

  • When you are happy, we are!