About us

About us

Our Start

We started our Software company in Alexandria, Egypt in 2009 under the name of "Great Distance". We started as ERP system developers only, but as we took a deeper look into the market, we realized that this was not the only thing our target audiences need. Therefore, we began building, developing and designing websites for our customers to perfectly present their products and services. But then, we were inspired to change the name of our web development & design company to "Perfectneeds" to be one of the leading software companies in Egypt. We did so because fulfilling the business needs of our customers has always been our first priority. That is why; we wanted to be up-to-date and added mobile application development to our range of specialties. In addition, we endorsed our services with the latest technologies like E-commerce, Product catalogs, CMS and many other features. We wanted to develop and design websites and mobile applications that can reflect the quality of our clients’ work to their end users. Finally yet importantly, we offer you the cutting-edge features that will help you manage your business needs perfectly. This is actually, why we exist.

Our services


Our philosophy is placing quality before quantity. Our team is not big; however, the quality we deliver tops any other big team. We don’t accept less than the best. We also make sure to have fun while working.


Our vision is to be the leading software house in Egypt in 10 years, uplifting 1000 organizations to computerize their work, maximizing their benefits through the internet in a more secured, efficient and professional way


Our aim is to inspire our customers with new ideas, as well as, innovate and update their online business approaches. We want to take the business of our customers to another level, making it more successful and professional. We believe that our services provide the perfect solutions for our customers’ business needs.