SSL Certificate new update: Google will mark your website as not secure. How should you respond?

Website security

To be effective this month, July 2018, Google will start to mark the websites with no SSL certificates as not secure and will reduce their rank. This is a step from Google in order to encourage website owners and businesses to secure their data on the internet and raise the security standards.

SSL is the secure socket layer which is the standard for providing a secure connection between the client and the server, so between the business or the web application and its users. This is done in order to keep the confidential data of the users encrypted from any attack. As in some websites, the users pay online and use their credit card numbers. Or they may send another confidential data like the passwords, ID numbers, or personal information.

All of this should be transmitted securely in order to assure your customers’ confidentiality. And in order for your customers to trust the service, they should find the secure sign in your URL as from now, if you are not adopting the SSL certificate, it will be clear for your users in the URL that this connection is not secure, which is a situation that any business is not wishing to be in!

This step from Google comes after a series of steps done in order to move the websites to be secure and to have the SSL certificate. It started by motivating the websites to have the HTTPS encryption in order to secure their data and connections. Then, they started to mark some websites as not secure by adding the “not secure” when users visit the website. Then they announced that starting from July 2018, all the websites, not some of them, will be marked as not secure if they don’t adopt the SSL certificate.

This is how the URL will look, as Google announced, like before and after the SSL certificate adoption.

You may now get a sense of why having SSL certificate is important. There are many reasons that will move you to shift into having the SSL certificate. The most important one is not to lose your customers because of appearing as an un-secure website. Being secure will increase your customers’ trust while navigating the site and will guarantee that their data will be secured from any attack. Furthermore, having the certificate will make your website have a higher rank than the unsecured websites.

All of this will change the experience of the internet users along with their understanding of their security over the internet.

If you are a business owner and your website is not having the SSL certificate. Or you are planning to create a new business and you want to gain the trust of your customers. Then you should plan for adopting the SSL certificate to your website. This project will need some focus and expertise in order to do it the right way. And in order to help you keep up with the industry standards, we are here at perfectneeds can help you to transform into having a secure website. Whether you are creating a new website or having an unsecured one, we will help you choose and obtain the certificate that meets your needs and increase the trustiness of your customers.

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