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Who we are...

We started our company in 2006 under the name of "Great Distance"; however, we were inspired to change the name of our company to "PerfectNeeds". We did so because fulfilling the business needs of our customers has always been our first priority. That is why we endorsed our services with the latest and continuous updated technologies. Our aim is to inspire our customers with new ideas, innovate and update their online business approaches. We want to take the business of our customers to another level, making it more successful and professional. We believe that our services provide the perfect solutions for our customers’ business needs.

What we do?

Nowadays the Egyptian market is fast growing because we live in a busy world, where time is precious. That is why; we offer you the cutting-edge features that will help you manage your business needs perfectly.

Web Development

We know you might not be satisfied with your current website; hence, we give your business the chance to redesign your website in something that fits your business needs and satisfies you more. Website design is the first thing your customer sees when logging onto your website. There are many advantages when having an outstanding website design. Firstly, it makes your business stand out from competitors. Secondly, a decent design will help you control more what to highlight on your website, which will increase your opportunity of attracting more and more consumers. Thirdly, an eye catching website design will make the customer stay longer on your website, explore it more and eventually use the services your business provides. All of those advantages will ultimately increase your customers and linger their relationship with your business.

Mobile Application

Because we know that the world is moving fast now; that is why, we offer you Mobile application. Mobile applications nowadays are one of the most crucial facilities any company should have. Most of the people today have smartphones; therefore, having a mobile application will benefit your business to the maximum. One of the advantages it provides is the way it helps building a direct marketing channel of your own business, as it is more visible to the customer. In addition, it helps your business build recognition, brand awareness and engages your customer more in what you offer. Moreover, with a mobile application you increase the chance of having loyal consumers and distinction from your competitors.

Custom Web Application

We offer you to custom code the software to fit any type of business efficiencies. Software should be used for you to customize and design your own Application based on your business. As well as, forming a centralized software application that can securely be accessed over the Web to manage your business, can save you thousands of dollars.

Lightweight online business analysis and consultancy:

Because we care for your business performance, we give you a deal to analyze your business act and consult you to reach your goals. To monitor your business process and to know exactly what to do and when to do it, is a huge amount of work and responsibility, as well as keeping up with the latest online technologies. That is why we make you leverage your online resources for maximum benefit. You only take a consultancy from someone you trust and for our company your satisfaction and success is the accomplishment we seek.

Let’s talk...

We are eager to discuss your business needs and answer any inquiries, comments or issues you may have. Fill what is below and we will get back to you shortly.


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